Juniors 2012 / 2013 Season
English National Junior Championships:-

The club had two representatives, Isaac Beevor and Pooja Sharma both of whom had to qualify in order to get to this final stage.
Both Isaac and  Pooja failed to progress from their groups.

A more detailed report can be found in the Christmas 2012 Club Newsletter.

In June at the Southampton Open (a more detailed report is available in the September 2013 Club Newsletter) Bruce Yao, Eve Whittaker and Charlotte Marsden took part in the Under 13’s event.

The following week these three were joined by Charlie Sheppard and Cian Armstrong at the Harlow Banded Event.
In the Band 3 event Bruce made it as far as Quarter Finals, both Charlie and Cian failed to make it out of their groups and in the Girls Band 2 both Charlotte and Eve finished 3rd in their groups and hence did not progress any further.
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