Juniors 2014 / 2015 Season
The club have entered a team in the National Junior League and two teams in the National Cadet League.
Congratulations to Carrick Livingstone, Charlie Shephard and Amit Shah on being selected for the NJL along with guest player
Ewan Fewell (from Bedwell) who will certainly strengthen the team.

Our A squad in the NCL will be Bruce Yao, Charlotte Marsden and Cian Armstrong
whilst George Whitley, Oliver Dorn, Ilyssa Lacorte and William Pastor make up our B team.

Cippenham Autumn Festival event (full report in the 2014 October Newsletter)
Bruce Yao, Charlotte Marsden, Cian Armstrong, Oliver Dorn and IIyssa Lacorte played in this event.

Bruce and Charlotte both got through to the later stages.
In the final of the consolation event Bruce unfortunately had to concede through exhaustion when leading 1-0 (this shows how tough
these days can be) whilst Charlotte just missed out on a place in the final going down 9-11 in the fifth and final leg of her semi.

Hertfordshire County Schools Tournament

Charlotte Marsden took the girls U/14 title
George Whitley won the boys U/11
and IIyssa Lacorte was runner up in the girls U/11.
This means that Charlotte and George will now represent Hertfordshire Schools in the National Finals.

BATTS 1* Tournament: Girls Under 13’s
Ilyssa Lacorte - Runner Up.

North Herts Junior Closed:-
U/12 Girls
Winner: Sana Mohammed (Warren Spring)
Runner Up: Madeline Whitley (Warren Spring)
U/15 Girls
Winner: Charlotte Marsden (Warren Spring)
Runner Up: Rebekah Barry (Broadway)
U/12 Boys
Winner: George Whitley (Warren Spring)
Runner Up: Oliver Dorn (Warren Spring)
U/15 Boys
Winner: Bruce Yao (Warren Spring)
Runner Up: George Whitley (Warren Spring)
U/18 Mixed Singles
Winner: Charlotte Marsden (Warren Spring)
Runner Up: Bruce Yao (Warren Spring)
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