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C Team for  2017 / 2018 Season

The second round was on 21st and 22nd January. A power cut caused a 2hr delay to proceedings.

First match was an 8-1 win against Nightingale 2 (Heidi - 3, Matt - 3 and Indu - 2).

We lost  the next match against Fusion 3 8-1 (Heidi - 1).

The final match against Twickenham Brunswick 3 was a 6-3 win (Heidi - 2, Indu - 2, Francesca - 2)



The season started on Sunday 26th November at the new venue of The Nightingale Acadamy in North London.


This was the debut for our C team of Matthew Roberts, Heidi Oestreicher, Inderjeet ‘Indu’ Parmar, Francesca Preston.

who were playing in Division 4.


Their first match was against Nightingale Academy 3, which they won 6-3 (Heidi 3, Indu 2 and Francesca 1).

They lost their next match 3-6 but beat Fusion 4 (who only had 2 players) 8-1.

Their overall stats were:- Heidi won 6 from 8, Indu won 3 from 6, Francesca won 2 from 5 and Matt won 3 from 5.