Teams 2005 / 2006 Season
Incomplete record of Players, Teams and Divisions
Premier A  
  Bill Price  
  Craig Millwood  
  Rob Worell  
Position at End of Season 4th out of 10  
Division 1 B C
  Brian Sykes Dave Saunders
  Paul Madden Steve Kilford
  Mike Rooze Paul Waterman
  Derek Thom Arthur Hawkins
  John Palmer  
Position at End of Season 1st out of 10 8th out of 10
Division 2 D  
  Tony Wilson  
  Chris Lynch  
  Debbie Hills  
  Mark Jones  
Position at End of Season 5th out of 10  
Division 3 E Wymondley GM
  Ken Savill Nigel Gibson-Birch
  Tim Huxtable Piers Gibson-Birch
Position at End of Season 4th out of 10 10th out of 10
During this season we were sponsored by the Green Man Pub and changed our name accordingly.
Cup Winner Runner Up
Willmott Bedwell A Artos TT Club
McClaughlin Bedwell C Bedwell B
McClaughlin Inter Royston C Broadway C
Henderson Broadway F LABB F
Cobb Settlement Ravens Green Man C
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