Teams 2013 / 2014 Season
Division Team Final position
Premier A Arron Beckett Tom Carr Simon Proffitt Angela Smith Radovan Zivkovic     2nd out of 12
Premier B Marek Mastalerczyk Isaac Beevor John McCance Alan Shelford Gary Keers     3rd out of 12
Premier C Gabriela Tankel Jim Dodds Adrian Holmes Barry Philips Dilshan Wijeskera     9th out of 12
1 D Mark Redford Arthur Hawkins Grant Whitfield Dave Saunders       4th out of 12
1 E Rob Worell James Abrams Derek Thom Robert Chapman Pooja Sharma     2nd out of 12
1 F Paul Waterman Roy Jager Erol Hasan         9th out of 12
1 G Bill Price Steve Kilford Carl Rapacchi Alan Aldridge       6th out of 12
2 H Ken Savill Richard Pettengall Sam Taheri Roger Willoughby Yu Ning Tzeng     7th out of 12
2 J Dave Kells Dante Lacorte Tim Huxtable John Cox Gary Kedzierski     6th out of 12
2 K John Le Warne Peter Fabian Steve King Elaine Hanworth Ian Drakes Tony Wilson   10th out of 12
3 L Nigel Gibson-Birch David Cunningham Alan Harding Alan Dorn Roy Semark     3rd out of 12
3 M Ben Phipps Fabian Smith Doug Livingstone Carrick Livingstone Stuart Ponting Debbie Hills   6th out of 12
3 N Andrew Whittaker Fiona Whittaker Kevin Yao Bruce Yao Jai Gu Jim Keirl   5th out of 12
3 P Punit Shah Amit Shah Peter Newberry Jack Hurley Robert Mitchell Charlie Shepard Toby Snoxall 9th out of 12
Cup Winner Runner Up
Willmott Warren Spring A Royston A
McClaughlin Broadway D Broadway B
McClaughlin Inter Broadway F Bedwell H
Henderson Warren Spring M Bedwell K
Cobb Warren Spring M Broadway B
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