Juniors 2018 / 2019 Season
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November 2018

20th November
The NCL held their first matches on 3rd and 4th November.
Our A team tops Division 1, our B team is second in Division 2, our C teams is 4th in Divisions 3 and our D team is 5th in Divisions 4.
The full tables can be seen on the appropriate NCL page on this website.

October 2018

6th October
The NJL held their first matches at Cippemham on Saturday.
Our A team tops Division 1, B team is second in Division 2, our C and D teams are 4th in Divisions 3 and 4 respectively.
The full tables can be seen on the appropriate NJL page on this website.
21st October
For full details of the following see the October 2018 Newsletter

St Neots 1* Tournament

Beau Casey and Satveer Pawar both played in their first tournament competition.

The Cadets (boys U/14) was won 3-1 by Victor Ramirez-Rioja and in which George Thorn, Pablo Ramirez-Rioja and Satveer Pawar also competed.

Indu Pawar competed in the girls U/13.

Burton-Uxbridge Tournament

Heidi Oestreicher competed.

European Mini Championships

Isabelle Lacorte was a member of the England Team.

September 2018

For full details of the following see the September 2018 Newsletter.

Congratulations to Isabelle Lacorte who won silver at the National U/12 competition, made the quarter finals in the girls doubles and the U/13 girls singles plus has been selected to represent England in the Mini European Championships to be held in France.

Heidi Oestreicher competed in the U/13 Nationals, this was her first major tournament and she produced a fearless performance, unfortunately the England No3 and No9 were in her group and she did not progress any further.

James Hamblett made the quarter finals of the U/13 Nationals and he won his group in the U/12 Nationals but then lost in his second round match.

Inderjeet Pawar made her Nationals debut in the U/12 Nationals, again like Heidi Pawar was up against some strong opposition and did not make it out of her group.

This summer was a busy time for some of our younger members:-

Ilyssa Lacorte and sister Isabelle finished in bronze medal position when representing North Herts in the National Bromfield Trophy for junior girls.

Victor Ramirez-Rioja who achieved:
Winner U/15 & U/13 - Corby Smash Tournament
Semi Finalist - Cippenham Table Tennis Festival
Winner U/15 & U/13 - Nottingham Sycamore 1* Tournament
Winner U/13 - Burton Uxbridge 2* Tournament
Semi Finalist - BATTS (Harlow) U/13 Super Series

James Hamblett who was Winner of the BATTS (Harlow) U/13 Super Series

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